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Mango Coders and Affwebs

In March 2021, Martin launched Affwebs and cooperated with MangoCoders. MangoCoders endorsed Affwebs as an E-Commerce platform that allows anyone to design their store.



Vue js



This platform connects sellers and buyers and allows them to sign up as needed. Sellers may personalize their store by selecting their own theme colors, logo, and favicon. They can also upload product details, pictures, and maintain inventory, as well as review monthly sales . They can also post their products on social media platforms through their store. The seller can buy a plan that suits his needs and use the services that are included in the plan. Users or buyers can subscribe to the store to stay up to date, as well as purchase and pay via the dashboard.

Our professional staff is still in contact with Affwebs to give services to them 24 hours a day, seven days a week and provided a complete power pack solution on the E-Commerce platform. It was worth it to keep their clients pleased and informed by updating their packages and other details as needed.